The course introduces the high-level management to QM strategy aspects in an agile environment. It describes what is agile environment and how QM components should be applied in this environment

The course juxtaposes performed process with work products or services. It answers the question why the well-managed processes are necessary to have a product with good quality and where is the place of those relations in the QM strategy

For the quality strategy development and quality management on an organizational level, the institutionalization of the processes is the most significant result. Institutionalization is the process of creating consistency and uniformity across the organization with respect to the process implementation. It helps in the same standards to be followed by every group and individual in the organization. This LU leads the learner through the necessary steps and components giving an explanation of practices and methods

This course introduces the learner to the key ICT quality management models and standards. It explains what is the difference between model, standard and framework.

The course goes down in the performance of the ICT organization units – establishment of the quality assurance at the project management level or micro level. This LU puts the QM concepts together with PM components. It is important to provide this comparison because PM impacts every aspect in one organization – management, productivity, HR, engineering, culture and so on.

The course gives the learners skills for the adoption of QM strategy in an organization. What is the place of QM strategy in the business strategy of the organization, what are the good practices in the adoption of QM strategy, how to maintain continuous process improvement according to the established strategies are some of the questions this LU answers?

The course provides the definitions and explanation of Quality management principles and components. For the learner is important to understand that the quality management is a continuous process that has different price levels at each project phase. The strategic thinking is the key tool for the quality management.